Another plastic replacement exercise

I actually am busy with some  bigger projects at present, but I seem to have an aversion to plastic coated books. Plus, I wanted to try this embossing effect (not sure if it has a proper name), and so this

became transformed into this:


It’s a Greek-English copy of the Divine Liturgy. I actually only use it for the preparation for Holy Communion, but now that it’s more bearable to have in my hand, I may take it to church with me.

I left the book block as is and used my own handmade paper for end pages. The embossed effect is achieved by cutting out the design on board, gluing that bit of board onto the cover board, working the leather around that using paste, and pressing it with several pieces of felt over the front cover.

The headbands are made from the same (thin) brown leather as the cover.

Looking at the photo I notice the ridge that the leather forms under the end paper.  To avoid this I should really have filled the inside of the cover with paper before gluing the end pages. But I’m afraid that I don’t pay so much attention to detail for my own books, and especially not to glued books that were originally in plastic covers!


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