A simple repair job

This was a fairly straightforward repair job. As often happens with heavy, glossy art books, the book block had come off the cover and broken the end pages. The cover was in good shape although the dust cover was badly torn. The stitching was still in place but much of the glue on the spine was gone.

I gave it new end pages and re-glued the book block keeping the original stitching. I also gave it a triple lining, something that helps to secure a heavy book block to the cover, and put it back into its original cover. The various remaining bits of the dust jacket were glued to a strong paper and deco-varnished to protect them and prevent further deterioration.


As an aside, the book contains not only icon prints from Stavronikita Monastery on Mount Athos, but also prints of some of their embroidered vestments. Given that I’ve become fascinated by the possibilities of doing embroidered book covers (not that I’m likely to have much time for that) I want to scan some of the photos before giving it back to the friend I’m binding it for. 


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