Liturgy of St John Chrysostom

This is a somewhat provisional book. I mentioned previously that one of the advantages of having priest who is pioneering the translation of Orthodox liturgical texts into Afrikaans is that it presents unique opportunities for bookbinding. This book is the text of the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom that is used on the altar. Until now the loose pages have been in a ring file with plastic pockets for the variable texts, but these tend to reflect the light, so I have placed frames made from handmade paper on the blank pages for inserting loose sheets of variable texts. Unfortunately these are not evenly spread throughout the book and so the book block tends to be rather irregular and I have since thought of a better way to minimize this. I was also planning to do an embroidered icon for the cover, but simply don’t have time at the moment. So, instead of making this a very drawn out job I have bound the book with a simple cover (with a sunken icon print and brown linnen) and will hopefully produce a better designed book with a more elaborate cover at a later stage.


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