A new bindery

Part of the reason why this blog has been so inactive recently is that I have been involved in moving. At the beginning of the year I moved all my binding things to Robertson where I am for the weekends – and as much other time as I can scrape together. (This is part of a broader project to establish a small house of prayer which, if you are interested, you can read about here). I’m still in Cape Town during the week, but will soon rework this site to reflect the new reality.

Anyway, I am gradually getting settled there, and one of the best aspects of it is that I actually have space for binding which is a wonderful luxury. Here are some photos – the last photo is of an antique guillotine that was a real find, although transporting it was something of a nightmare!

Anyway, it may look a little chaotic, but it is a joy to work in, and means that I am getting back to some regular binding work.


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