Another family Bible restored

I have just restored another family Bible, this time a Swedish one. I’m afraid that I forgot to take photos of how it was before restoration – it was a case bound Bible (from the early twentieth century) with the book block basically intact except for a few tears to the paper. However, the cover was coming off and the spine was badly damaged. I gave it a new cover (quarter bound with leather and linen as the original had been) and reattached the leather from the spine and the linen from the front and back covers (which must have a name in English, but I can only think of the Dutch word!). I also gave it new end pages and headbands. Anyway, here is the final result:


2 responses to “Another family Bible restored

  1. Thanks, Macrina
    I’m very pleased with the final result on my Swedish Family Bible. For many years it has been rather damaged and neglected but now it is beautifully restored and will certainly last for another century or so as a treasured family heirloom!
    Best regards, Peter Erikson

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